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… Michelle! For winning the school’s staff raffle, Michelle
receives a $100 Walmart gift certificate through her school’s Walmart
Adopt-a-School program! Congratulations, Fiancée! It’s been quite a
September, hasn’t it? =)

Dear Diary,

Lunch with fiancé’s friends at Fenton’s was wonderful! T’s daughter is soooo adorable — makes me want to plan for a baby rather than a wedding. Just kidding or not.. ;-)

Fiancé and I decided to have an impromptu BBQ at his house after lunch and I discovered that he can really grill up some chicken! Yum! They were very flavorful and moist. So delicious…

impromptu bbq!

Oh, were you looking for wedding updates?? Sorry, nothing to tell just yet! Why won’t you check back in a few weeks.

While Charles was having the time of his life programming his heart away at Samsung, I got an opportunity to attend one of the best parties of the year! Mr. V’s 50th birthday bash! It was wild! Thank you, Nh for putting me on the guest list =)

After seeing how much love Mr. and Mrs. V still have for each other at 50, I’m looking forward to having that kind of love with my honeyb.

Now on to a more pressing topic: Which season should we get married in??

The weekend after Michelle and I got engaged, I decided to take a chance on spending the weekend competing in the Samsung Widget Contest at the SF Hyatt. I originally didn’t think it was a good use of my time, but Michelle encouraged me to do it.

The good news is that I won! Yay! What a great start, and I’m happy we can put the prize to good use invested in our future together =) Good times!

The Newly Engaged Couple

Hi, this is Michelle and Charles! Welcome to our new website! We’re recently engaged !!! This is Michelle and Charles on the morning of our engagement, at the very bench in Mendocino where He (Charles) proposed to Her (Michelle). =)